Building businesses through innovation.


What we do

In an age where innovation is key to successfully growing your business, starting a new venture or disrupting the status quo, you need a business partner that has experienced it all and is at the forefront of technological innovation. From incubating an idea, sourcing funding to rolling up our sleeves doing business on the ground, V&S has the experience to take on . So, you want to make that business idea a reality? Contact us and let’s create your business innovation.


How we work



We believe in bringing ideas to life as quickly as possible by creating an minimum viable product of your idea. This is done through several workshops to understand the concept, the revenue model and executional plan. Once this is locked in the fun starts - our team develops a wireframe based off our understanding and we workshop that till it’s perfect. Into UX and we get our end state.

Your idea in its “bicycle” state can now be tested, clients signed up and users onboard.



Once an MVP sees solid traction in market, by this we mean: a client signed up, users onboard and active & transaction taking place.

The team works with you to develop the bigger product. This involves additions to the model, removing of dead functionality and scaleability. Once we have your idea in the “VW” state we push it to market and continue to learn and adapt as the idea, now a business, starts to scale.



Your scaled idea is now looking to stake its claim and growing to serve an extensive number of clients. This means a relook at the basics to improve its server capacities, security and ability to scale across borders (currency/language).  The final refinement of the application and business idea is the “BMW” state and has the capability to be a powerhouse in the technology market.


Our Work



Spazapp the first VC funded app the team is involved in, is a Social Enterprise platform that allows brands to reach the informal market. Enabling Availability & Reach at the touch of a button whilst also being a Cost-Effective Visibility tool through BrandConnect platform.

Spazapp has seen fantastic growth locally and is now starting with operation in Zimbabwe, Botswana & Namibia.


Developed as a platform that would solve for large office restaurants and factory canteens across SA. This thinking lead to the birth of Canteen app that has had great success in lessoning queues, happier staff, and more time for staff to enjoy their lunch. Canteen app has move into it “VW” state, with boardroom ordering and multiple canteens on one site being built into the application.

Canteen app is directly integrated into large POS software systems and runs through our Hourglass payment system.


Through working with both catering and hospital partners we have developed a fully customized solution for the specific beside ordering requirements of hospitals. This tablet based solution cuts out the paperwork, calculation and time that tick sheets created. 


Brand Connect

An innovative software as service product embedded into emerging market mobile applications, provides a set of tasks to emerging market traders across Africa. This connection point enables brands to get 1st hand information and visual references at scale Through the digital service brands can get quick data without incurring the cost of merchandisers, research companies and sales agents traveling to all the emerging market stores across Africa.


Developed as a joint venture with Leanne Pechey. The idea was to create a better way to help run (though cashless payments) and offer school tuck-shops an easier way to manage the school break rush (pre-ordering). Underpinned by the concept of improving the health agenda in school tuckshops.

Taptuck was launch as an MVP in late 2017 with its first school, Virginia primary, it subsequently has scaled across KZN and recently spread it’s wings across SA.

Taptuck was featured in News24 as one of the top 3 must have apps for moms.



With a R39billion annual spend the Stokvel grocery market cannot be ignored. Its users are fast becoming tech savvy with smartphones being readily available.  The idea, brought to us by the Unitrade team, was a great synergy between technology and traditional wholesale business. The Stokvel app focuses on the ongoing developing shopping list of the Stokvel and at time of order, links the local store owner to the Stokvel so getting quotes, delivery and payment is simply done all through the app.

Golden Spoon.png

Golden Spoon

Completing the suite of ordering application came Golden Spoon which saw the gap in digitizing retirement villages. As the older generation is becoming more tech savvy there was a clear opportunity to develop a better way for their communal restaurants to order, delivery and cater for the residence.

Creating a simple UX and larger buttons to allow for our users, golden Spoon has been launched.



From the vast experience of the team behind Quid, we developed the first network marketing insurance sales tool. Quid helps connect people and short term insurance products. Through Quid you can connect with people and build a team of marketers that will result in you earning an income.



In partnership with Monitor insurance, the team produced the first locally made, fully compliant, business 2 business insurance application. Through the application sales force can sell short term insurance products at the click of a button. This application cuts out a considerable amount of paper, time and expense.  Through a digital wallet system and commission structure the application pays 5 levels of commissions.

The app has been designed to be fully white labelled from look and feel to the insurance product and underwriter required.



Who wouldn’t love a beer poured in 7sec, never miss a second of the game, so we were immediately excited by the idea brought to us by the Cupl team. The business problem was the environments that had the need for fast beer systems, often had large number of digital users which resulted in signal dropping. We needed to develop an offline cashless ordering system that is integrated into their fast pour Cupl beer system. Through our prepaid wallet system, this has been solved. YAY more beer for everyone…

Trailing in the UK and Australian market, it is our first truly global application and payments system thereof.

The “VW” version has included a full pub/stadium menu which has lessened the need for waiter staff. This waiter-less ordering we become available to outlet shortly.


Second Term

A V&S built innovation, we saw a need to develop a platform for the selling of 2ndhand school clothing understanding how fast kids grow and the ever-rising cost of new school uniforms there needed to be an easier way to sell.  Second term was made to solve exactly this school uniform problem. Focused on only school items, like clothing, books and sports equipment. Adverts are displayed where they get the correct attention and aren’t lost in a mass of irrelevant ads.


"Working with V&S we have been able to take our insurance business with disrupting innovation that has been proven time and time again. The team are fast, agile and always ready to help. ."

— Don Tocknell,

CEO, Monitor Administration

Building Taptuck with Tim and the team has been such fun, they are keen to try new thinks and push the boundaries. Always up to meet a client or visit a tuckshop to help.

— Leanne Pechey

CEO, Matriarch


The Team

Portrait Tim.png

Tim Strang

After graduating with a Bcomm from the University of Cape Town, Tim completed his studies with honours at The Red & Yellow School of Advertising.  Advertising & building brands has always been a passion of his that he has been fortunate enough to experience locally and internationally; working with great brands like Lucky Strike & Rainbow Chicken in South Africa, and global brands in Ireland and London like Coca-Cola and Opel cars.

On Tim’s return to SA in 2005, he set up the marketing division of ProGrain Mills, where the seeds of the Spazapp vision were planted. The knowledge and understanding of the informal market gained over the 5 years as Marketing Director proved invaluable to him. Tim brings a wealth of both advertising and marketing knowledge to the team with great insights into the informal trading environment and consumers.

Portrait Byron.png

Byron Verreyne

Experienced Digital Expert, Programmer, Web Developer, Manager

With 9 years’ experience in digital marketing and corporate development roles Byron work’s hard to streamline development processes and perform with measurable results.Byron love’s technology and working with technical people, he is a problem solver, developer, team leader and architect.

Byron has worked with the likes of Nike, Diageo, Woolworths, Brandhouse, Estee Lauder and many more brands during his time managing the technical team in a digital marketing agency. Byron has managed and worked as part of large development teams in the telecommunication and call centre industry giving him a very broad skill set and easy choice as an entrepreneurial partner.


Our Partners 

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